• Sumo Musubi...Musubis in Minutes

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Located on Oahu, Hawaii

Sumo Musubi Maker

Designed in Hawaii for all your fun filled potlucks, fundraising parties, outings, etc. ย The Sumo Musubi Maker can make 27 spam musubis in under 10 minutes, clean up included and out the door. ย It can also be used for other musubi items and if you are the creative type I am sure you will find many more uses for it.


You can make more then one at a time

I love it you can make so much in such a limited time. Highly recommended.

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A MUST HAVE ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

This is awesome! Wish they had this so long ago. It makes making musubi easier and faster. Love this set! I got it sooner than expected!

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Mainland Store Locations

Available at Nikkei Traditions in Japantown, San Jose, California: Uwajimaiya, Seattle; and Hawaii General Store and Travel, Seattle.

Also Available on Amazon.com

Local Stores

Available at your Hawaii Don Quijote and Marukai. (Pressers NOT included).