They're in!!!

Thank you for all that waited patiently for the Sumo Musubi Makers to be made.  Happy to say we found a local company to manufacture the items, so they are "Made in Hawaii"

And the wait was worth it, because we found a way to add in the dividers so you can make 1 can of 9, 2 can of 18 or 3 cans of 27 musubis with one frame.  But remember you can still make many more things than just spam musubis..:)  Get creative and post them on the site, and let us know you recipes too!  


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Notice to Buyers (Dec. 03, 2014)

Just designed the page but I only have 20 musubi makers in stock and will NOT get anymore before Christmas.  I am so sorry, but some people on the mainland wanted to order before Christmas, so I am trying to develop this page for them even if I don't have much in stock.  Thank you for your understanding..:)

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